FIX: EasyRecipe "Save Recipe" Plugin Not Working over SSL

Symptom: Using the EasyRecipe plugin from a secure site (beginning https://), the "Save" button fails to do anything.

Cause: This is because older versions of the EasyRecipe plugin are trying to call a URL on BigOven without using https. We have contacted our friends at EasyRecipe for a fix in an update, and expect their update soon.

Fix: Meanwhile, the fix is simple and free. You simply need to replace a single Javascript file with an update. It may sound scary, but it's very simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Go into your Wordpress site's admin area
  2. Click "Plugins"
  3. Choose "EasyRecipe", then "Edit".  
  4. In the right hand side, find the file called "easyrecipe/js/easyrecipe-min.js" and click on it. As a double-check, your web address bar should now read:


  5. Replace the file shown in your editor with the following code below, shown below in green. (Eagle-eyed observers will note that we're simply replacing "" in the original javascript file with "". That's it.)
  6. Save the updated file by clicking "Update File" at the bottom of the screen.

Your save button should now work in http and https versions of your site.

====== updated easyrecipe/js/easyrecipe-min.js, copy below this line =======

/*! */
window.EASYRECIPE=window.EASYRECIPE||{},EASYRECIPE.widget=EASYRECIPE.widget||jQuery.widget,EASYRECIPE.jqButton=EASYRECIPE.jqButton||jQuery.fn.button,function(t){function e(t){var e=Math.floor(5*(t.clientX-a)/95+1);e=e>5?5:e,e!==E&&(E=e,r.width(20*e+"%"))}function n(){E=u.val(),r.width(20*E+"%")}function i(){u.val(E)}function o(t){var e,n;return t.stopImmediatePropagation(),e="",n=document.createElement("script"),n.type="text/javascript",n.src=e+"/assets/noexpire/js/getrecipe.js?"+(new Date).getTime()/1e5,document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(n),!1}var a,r,u,E=0;t(function(){var E,c,s,p,d,l=null,w=null,R=EASYRECIPE;jQuery.widget!==R.widget&&(l=jQuery.widget,jQuery.widget=R.widget),t.fn.button!==R.jqButton&&(w=t.fn.button,t.fn.button=R.jqButton);try{t(".easyrecipe .ERSPrintBtn").button({icons:{primary:"ERSPrintIcon"}}),t(".easyrecipe .ERSSaveBtn").button({icons:{primary:"ERSSaveIcon"}})}catch(f){}p=t(".ERComment"),p.length>0&&(E=p.parents("form"),c=E.find(":submit"),s=c.parent(),s===E?c.before(p):s.hasClass("art-button-wrapper")?s.before(p):s.prepend(p),d=t(".ERRateBG"),a=d.offset().left,r=t(".ERRateStars"),u=t(".inpERRating"),r.width(0),d.mousemove(e),d.mouseleave(n),,null!==l&&(jQuery.widget=l),null!==w&&(t.fn.button=w),t(".easyrecipe .ERSSaveBtnSpan .ERSSaveBtn.bigoven").on("click",o)})}(jQuery);

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    Alicia Taylor

    I do not have a plug in called "easyRecipe" plugin.

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    This page gives you a lot of information. Thank you!

    bubble am, ludo king

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