How do I verify ownership and claim my blogger page?

Recipes that are clipped on BigOven show the highlight photo, ingredients and link to your blog from the apps and mobile site for instructions, with full link authority. This is a great and free way to increase your brand's visibility to BigOven's millions of users. When recipes are clipped, an author page is created temporarily by BigOven and you can get ownership of the page with a simple site verification process.

To verify ownership:

  1. Visit

  2. Enter your blog's web address

  3. BigOven will look to see if any recipes have been clipped from that site so far.

    If no recipe has been clipped from your site yet, the "claim ownership" process will not let you proceed. You can use the BigOven Recipe clipper to do the first save from your site if you wish, which will create a page.

  4. If there are some recipes that users have found and saved from your site, BigOven will present you with a one-time verification code that you need to place at your site's root. We recommend using the site header. This is so BigOven knows that you are the controller of that site. The code will be invisible to readers, and you can remove it as soon as the automated verification process is complete.

    Example steps for a Wordpress user are shown below.

    If it is not validating for some reason, ensure that your website is readable by any browser. Then, manually verify that the code is actually there, by visiting your site's main page in a web browser, then choosing "View > Source" of that main root page in your browser (generally, right click on the page will bring up this option). When you search that text, you should find the string "BigOven verification" in the source HTML, and it must be in the root page of your site until the quick verification is complete. It is invisible to readers.

  5. Once the verification step has been completed, you can delete the verification code from the root page of your site if you wish.


Step 1: Visit


Step 2: Get the verification code -- copy it to the clipboard


Step 3: Add the verification code to the root page that you entered in step 1. If you are using Wordpress, the steps below show you how to add it to your site's footer:


For Wordpress, sign into your /wp-admin area:

...and then look for the Editor:

... we'll use the header page to place our hidden token:



... now we'll paste the token in, from the <!-- all the way through the end -->

Be sure to click "Update" when done to update the site.



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