What benefits do I get from using the plugin?

Improve your food blog with rich snippet markup, SEO improvements, Save Recipe button, ZipList import, printing, and more.

  • Improve your Google and Bing search-engine presence. The BigOven Recipe SEO Plugin takes care of the hidden "rich snippets" markup of recipes for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The plugin automatically marks up your recipes with the preferred format from Google and
  • Import your saved and archived recipes from ZipList into a new data manager. If you're a food blogger who used ZipList, Transitioning to the BigOven recipe WordPress plugin as your alternative is seamless. The BigOven plugin will import your recipes and change the shortcodes in old posts to the newly updated recipe records in a single click. NOTE-As this plugin modifies previous posts, be sure to back up your MySQL database before you click the option "Import from ZipList" in the Settings area.
  • Print button and print format. Each recipe has a "Print" button that brings readers to a handy print-friendly view of your recipe. Readers have the option to print with or without the recipe photo.
  • Three different recipe templates. Display your recipes in one of three different templates that mesh seamlessly with your WordPress theme.
  • Offer readers streamlined "Add to Grocery List" and/or "Save Recipe" mobile features with a terrific companion app. With the BigOven plugin, you get a "Save Recipe" button on your recipes that allow them to be easily saved to the reader's recipe collection and/or grocery list. Your readers have a chance to carry your recipes with them to the grocery store or kitchen counter with the award-winning BigOven recipe apps. Full credit and links to your original recipe are preserved. foodies aware of your writing. We'll be using this plugin to help our editors scour the web for the the most popular food content.
  • Organize your recipes in a handy dashboard. Search your recipes by title for easy reference while posting. Your recipes list will live in the "Recipes" area of the WordPress compose dialogue. This makes combining multiple recipes in a post or re-inserting "recipe cards" in posts an easy task.
  • Be eligible for free, branded promotion. During 2015, BigOven will be highlighting recipes found on the web with the "Save Recipe" button enabled. You'll get direct web traffic right to your blog from within our apps, which have been downloaded 11+ million times and are used by millions of cooks each 
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