Our Pledge to Food Bloggers / Saving Recipes from Other Sites

BigOven is a web and mobile recipe organizer, letting cooks gather favorite recipes from anywhere and add them to a list of favorites, a grocery list, a meal plan, and more.  

Recipes get into BigOven in a few different ways. You can type your own original recipes into the BigOven platform, and these recipes are displayed in full.

In addition, you can "bookmark" ("pin") your favorite recipe from other sites by using the Recipe Clipper, just like Pinterest and other similar services.  

When recipes are bookmarked from other sites, we do not show the full recipe -- that's intentional. We offer search-by-ingredient features, grocery list addition and meal planning features.  

Why are the preparation instructions and all the recipe commentary and extra photos hidden?  We greatly respect the original works of other food sites, food bloggers, writers and photographers.  They deserve full traffic for their work.  We only show a fair-use snippet of the recipe and direct you to its source.

For bloggers and copyright holders, the links to the original material are provided with full "link juice" as well as the "rel canonical" meta tags properly set to the original source URL to award due credit and additional SEO power to the original page.  We show cooks the ingredients for easy searching and grocery-list creation.  And, like Pinterest, we show the thumbnail photo for inspiration.

We aim to be a utility for cooks and a marketing partner for the best food bloggers.  It's part of our Pledge to Food Bloggers, and, while it can make it less convenient for cooks (because you have to click out to the original source for the instructions, detailed photos and commentary), we think it's the right thing to do. Food writers take a great deal of time and care to create new recipes, as well as photograph and document them.  We believe the authors of of this content deserve the original, unfettered direct traffic to their works.

We want to surface the best recipes on the web, and make them easy to add to grocery lists, meal plans and lists of favorites.  And we always want to give proper traffic and credit to those food bloggers and enterprises that create recipes.  

Therefore, for recipes clipped from other sites, BigOven will not show the instructions for recipes created after December 1 2014, but rather direct you to the original source for those recipes.  This is much like Pinterest, and other pinning type services, yet it also allows you to incorporate these fantastic external recipes on grocery lists, meal plans and more.

Are you the original author of the content?  

BigOven absolutely respects your right to your content (read Our Pledge to Food Bloggers), the work involved in creating it, your business, and your copyright. We aim to drive more traffic your way, and point all the search engines to your page, and not our page.

Many food sites and bloggers welcome the extra exposure and inbound links; these links are provided with full "link juice" to your site, which increases your SEO on the keywords involved in the recipe.  Further, cooks must visit your site to prepare the recipe, resulting in additional traffic. We also promote some of the "Best of the Web" recipes periodically in the mobile apps and on the website, again directing users to your original source material.

At present writing, BigOven has 2+ million registered users and millions of unique visits per month.  If you'd like to update the profile page associated with your content, please let us know by contacting our support team.  If you'd instead prefer not to have any recipes highlighted, we will absolutely and immediately respect your wishes, and remove any recipe(s) you choose, though this will remove the ability for cooks to add your recipes to their grocery lists and meal plans in the future. For this, please contact us at our support desk and mention the URL(s) in question.  We definitely don't want to include recipes or links that you do not wish to be included.  Thanks!

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